What separates madness from other companies?

What separates madness from other gyms is madness educate athletes as well as non-athletics individuals in the community with knowledge to reach their personal fitness goals. We also at madness help people attain maximum fitness performance and the ability, while focusing on the personalized goals of the individual and still have fun doing it.

​Are there membership fees to join Madness?

Madness is a month to month gym. You are never locked in a contract.

Do I have to pay a membership to take madness class?

No, but you are required to pay a $10 fee to drop in to each madness class attended.

Are there opportunities for individual or group?

Yes there is. We do small groups, large groups, and individual.

​Do you have any children program at madness?

Yes, we have kid madness, sports training and our kids weight loss program.

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1952 Park Meadows Dr Suite 5

Fort Meyers, Florida 33907



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