Madness Workout Class

Improve muscle tone, strengthen abs and build endurance using resistance bands, light weights, and cardio exercises. Burn 600 to 1000 calories.

Bionic Bounce Dance Class

Feel empowered through creative, energetic dance moves that strengthens the entire body while having fun. 

Mad Step

By utilizing a step and barbell system, this full body workout will burn calories, build strength, and shape and tone your entire body.

Personal Training

A Personalized one on one plan designed to get you to your Goal! The details of each session will vary based on the client's individual needs and goals, but must include the following components:

  • Warm-up

  • Functional training exercises

  • Strength training section that focuses on total body conditioning to build muscle strength and endurance

  • Core conditioning

  • Cool-down and flexibility

Kid Madness

KID MADNESS strives to service the youth and the elderly in the community. KID MADNESS will help with sharpening and developing their overall skills necessary by increasing motor skills, building character that will  renew their minds help to improve their motivation.

Boxing Class

Improve your overall fitness focusing on punches, jabs, footwork, and core strength--the ultimate conditioning workout. Burn up to 800 calories. 

Boot Camp

Calisthenics and training drills develop strength, agility, and stamina. This military inspired circuit workout improves conditioning while burning up to 700 calories. 

Martial Cardio

During the first week of class it will consist of a stretch routine from head to toe, using upper and lower body extremities. These stretches will lead into warm up exercises. After warm-up completion exercises 1-7 will be performed to strengthen multiple areas of the body in preparation for martial arts techniques. Over the next four weeks the class will learn how to properly maneuver, punch, kick, block, strike, and avoid possible confrontations while heightening awareness of their surroundings. 

Madness Power and Sports Training

The power program will incorporate the use of plyometrics and Olympic lifting protocols to increase power development. This training will have great impact on the athlete's performance in the 40 yard dash, the vertical and broad jump, and all agility drills. Ultimately, it will be the fine tuning mechanism that takes the strength from the weight room and translates that into functional power that will greatly enhance performance. 

  • Power is the product of strength and speed

  • Target--Fast twitch muscle recruitment

  • Eccentric lengthening (stretch) before rapid concentric shortening provided greatest force and power capabilities in skeletal muscle (stretch shortening cycle)

  • Plyometric training and Olympic lifting aids in the development of explosive power

Plyometrics are quick explosive exercises such as jumps, hops and bounces, etc. that limit ground contact time. To put it simply plyometrics target the declaration/acceleration properties in the muscle to increase power output. They bridge the gap between weight room strength and functional power during movement.​

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